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All New Features of Windows 10

All New Features Available in Dominoqq

Computers Article – Microsoft has just announced an update that he presented new features in Windows 10 preview for desktop dominoqq computers. This update brings many improvements including in Start, Edge, Cortana, multiple inputs, shell, settings up to fonts.

This update is the third for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and will be enjoyed by all users by the end of this year. Microsoft released three kinds of updates in outline that November Update, Anniversary Update and Creators Update.

Although still the end of the year released to the public, some developers will soon be able to taste the new features below. Here are the details:

Features of Action Center and Microsoft Edge

For the latest updates, major changes can be seen from the redesigned center appearance view with each application separator. That way, the look becomes more neat and coherent because the notification of each device is separated.

In addition, users will also be able to pin favorite sites in the taskbar in the latest Windows 10 update. Once pinned, the site will open in the Edge browser. Microsoft also improved the animation for new tabs in Edge that made it look faster.

Features of Cortana

Cortana on the other hand also gets some updates like the ability to create reminders from scanning images with the user’s permission to remind about an event. That is, users can scan concert posters to create a reminder.

Users can also use the stylus to ask Cortana to create a reminder of something circled. That way, you can circle the movie schedule and ask Cortana to make a reminder.

Stylus feature

The Verge mentioned that the biggest possible update was indeed given for stylus support. Handwriting panels have been overhauled with more gestures, better editing, emoji, and automatic handwriting detection.

When a user writes with a pen, words are automatically converted to text, and words will shift so you can continue writing. They can also select text to edit it, and make corrections to converted text using gesture ink.

Users can cross out, roughly draw, merge, or split with gestures, and handwriting panels also include quick access to emoji and symbols. The handwriting panel will float by default next to where the user is writing.

Users can even use the stylus to scroll through apps and websites. Microsoft also added the “find my pen” option, which will show where the last time users left the pen.

Emoji Feature

Microsoft now also makes it easier for users to easily include emoji to email and social media messages. The two-point winkey keyboard shortcuts will release a new emoji panel where users can choose the most appropriate emoji for messages.

Microsoft also added a new touch keyboard for Windows 10 desktop and tablet users, with predictions, emoji suggestions, one-handed entries, and form of writing with a finger or a stylus.

The Dictation feature has also been added to the keyboard so that users can dictate text or use it for basic editing commands. Dictation itself has actually existed in Windows for years, but Microsoft has just used it for this.